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Canada Creek Ranch


A historic, 21-square mile, 1,500-member private hunting club located in Atlanta Michigan. Mansfield Land Use Consultants has provided design and engineering services required to maintain the Club’s facilities and infrastructure up to today’s modern standards. The Mansfield team began working on the road improvement program in 1994 and has provided a myriad of services to this day.

Project Information

Projects include master planning, engineering, and permitting for culvert and bridge replacements; infrastructure updates to campground and beach facilities; road improvements and ongoing projects that improve and maintain the existing amenities which make Canada Creek Ranch Association unique. Services Provided 1994-Present


13.500 Acres
Ongoing Projects
Atlanta, MI


Canada Creek Ranch Association

Project Type

Private Club


Canada Creek Ranch
Canada Creek
Canada Creek Ranch
Canada Creek Ranch
Canada Creek Ranch Aerial
Canada Creek Ranch Plan
Canada Creek
Canada Creek

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