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We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.

Our Mission

At Mansfield Land Use Consultants, we provide unparalleled service to the private sector land developer. We understand the intricate permitting processes required by local and state government agencies, including Planned Unit Developments and Special Land Use Permits.

Our Approach

We are recognized by an unmatched level of teamwork, transparency and enthusiasm,  from start to finish. We focus on creating a personalized road map to achieve our client’s goals and objectives. We produce professional submittals with exceptional visual presentations.

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Jim Hirschenberger

Professional Engineer

Jim joined our team to fill the seat of Senior Engineer in 2013, just after the recession and when we needed him most. With over 20 years of experience in Civil Design, Administration, and Project Management in the Public and Private realms, Jim is a Professional Engineer who has experienced the dynamic growth and change of our industry in terms of process, technology, and politics. Jim has maintained that steady hand, calm voice, and cause for engineers. Jim has maintained his competency in Computer-Aided Design, Design Software, and Interfacing throughout his career. Jim has provided his services on projects, small and large, simple and complex. Having experience working on both sides of the development sector, public and private, he is exceptionally well versed in what elements are practical and required in achieving a balanced plan for the success of all involved.

Jim is a graduate of Michigan State University and a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Michigan. Jim was raised in northwestern Michigan, loves the water, and has been a part of his family’s growth through the years. He serves in volunteer positions in numerous sports. Jim has been and continues to mentor our staff and clients, making the necessary time and effort to ensure all those involved understand the foundation of design decisions.
Michael has been one of our core staff members for over twenty years. He has evolved from crew chief to department head in this time. Michael is unwavering in his commitment to the discipline of Surveying. He oversees the survey field and office staff. He works daily, even hourly, with contractors, property owners, developers, realtors, title companies, lawyers, and our team, to make sure that any deliverable is well vetted. Michael’s work and direction for a small regional firm have been a significant component in projects involving hundreds of acres/lots and decisions involving just inches of valuable lake frontage. In conjunction with some of our more curious projects, Michael has had to make development decisions based upon some of the most theoretical calculations, having to dig far back in his education and the history of Surveying itself. Michael has maintained his skills and the ability of Survey Departments as a whole, driving the firm to invest in new technologies and practices as the global connection to the survey industry evolves.

Michael has graduated from Ferris State University and is a Professional Surveyor registered in the State of Michigan. Michael served on his Township’s Planning Commission and has been involved in Scouting with his sons through their growth. He is an avid tennis player and outdoorsman. A quiet soul, Michael will do things, almost on a whim or dare, that would amaze most people, as he does us.

Michael Geisert

Professional Engineer​

Dusty Christensen

Professional Landscape Architect

Dusty has been with the firm since 2016, after spending a decade split evenly between quasi-government and private design firms, delving into all facets of Community Planning, Communication, Training, and Site Design. Dusty’s title is that of a Professional Landscape Architect, but his range of knowledge and experience far exceeds his formal education. Dusty was raised in a local cherry farming family, where he continues investing. From that foundation, he has become a self-starter, strategic thinker, and accomplished designer over various landforms and spaces. Dusty’s farming heritage has led the firm into the design/ permitting work of enhanced agriculture, right-to-farm, farm processing, and other avenues of sustainable design. Dusty’s broad range of experience provides that he can look at a project and the land together, to make decisions efficiently and effectively.

Dusty graduated from Michigan State University and is licensed in Michigan. While he came home to raise a family, he traveled the entire state through his many roles. Dusty is a father with a passion for farming and fly fishing. While those endeavors can compel a person to be independent, Dusty always offers his time and support to the entire team and community.
Officially Petra is a Professional Landscape Architect licensed in and through the State of Michigan. She has lent her talents and endless optimism to the firm and our clients since 2003 when she moved north from Chicago to be closer to family. Like so many PLAs, Petra is an enigma of her urban/active/all-encompassing daily life versus the connection to her old-world agricultural ancestry. Being more traveled than the average Midwesterner, Petra brings to our projects the value of personal experience in terms of scale, texture, and intensity that pictures and words cannot provide. Another paradox within Petra is her ability to twist her behavioral pattern from the subjective/ creative elements of design to the critical objectivity of closure of a legal zoning brief in the same discussion. Petra is known among internal and external clients as the facilitator, the gatekeeper, and the leader, who people simply want to engage.

Petra is a graduate of Michigan State University. Before joining our team, she was a staff Landscape Architect at Lake County Forest Preserves, north of Chicago. Petra is an active member of the Grand Traverse Yacht Club, where she is a competitive sailor and recently assumed the role of Commodore. In her valuable free time, Petra assists her family in maintaining their orchards and vineyard nearby and taking in all that is northern Michigan.

Petra Kuehnis

Professional Landscape Architect

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